Away v Scots Sunday 11 June 2023

On a very hot and muggy afternoon, with thunder forecast, we were welcomed to Scots by Captain Doreen. With the combination of the heat and inclement weather pending we agreed to reduce the game to 16 ends rather than our customary 18.

All 16 Winslow players arrived in good time and we were able to “Kick-off” early.

This match followed a very similar theme to other games we have played this year where we had 2 rinks that won well, 2 that lost and 1 rink where the game was very close.

The final score was 59:70, an 11 shot win for Scots.

Interestingly the scores were level after 14 ends but unfortunately 4 of our 5 rinks lost both of the last 2 ends to give Scots their win.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that we took 16 players to Scots. This was because Victor and Rosie agreed to play half the game each. This proved to be a godsend as about half way through the game the heat took it's toll on one of our players and they had to stop playing. Fortunately we had a player on-site to take over at this point. I am delighted to report that the player taken ill has since made a full recovery.

Our highest winning rink this week was that of Roger P, Steve and Jef winning by 12 shots.

This week my thanks go to

  • All the members of Scots who prepared the green and the refreshments for our visit

  • Rosie and Victor for initially agreeing to split the game between them but then playing on when we were a player down.

  • Mike and Norman for being our unused reserves 

Thanks and well done to everyone involved in another enjoyable afternoon of bowls

Jef Cawdell, Captain