2024 Competition results will be published in September

Internal Competition results in previous years

Competition Results 2023
Competition  Winner(s) Runners Up
Open Singles Jef Cawdell Cliff Geary
Men Singles John Gilbey Victor Griffiths
Ladies Singles Rosie Griffiths Sarah Cawdell
Novices Singles
Roger Piosek
Harry Ardill
Open 2 wood Singles Jef Cawdell Steve Misseldine
Open Pairs Cliff Geary & John Jeacock Jane Stainforth & Valerie Gomersall
Men Pairs Jef Cawdell & Mike Jones Len Ward & Victor Griffiths
Ladies Pairs Sheila Cadge & Sarah Cawdell Jane Stainforth & Lucy Comerford
Nominated Pairs Victor Griffiths & Len Ward
Valerie Gomersall & Jane Stainforth
Ladies 2 wood Pairs Lucy Comerford & Valerie Gomersall Jane Stainforth & Diana Lawrence
Open Triples Jef Cawdell, Valerie Gomersall & Kay Kingston John Gomersall, Rosie Griffiths & Dorothy Parrott
Men Triples John Gilbey, Victor Griffiths & Terry Pomroy Cliff Geary, Roger Piosek & Randell Moll
OFFA Trophy Sheila Cadge, Cliff Geary & John Jeacock Colin Bishopp, John Jenkins & Jane Stainforth


Competition Results 2022
Competition  Winner(s) Runners Up
Open Triples Kay Kingston/Roger Piosek/Cliff Geary David Nash/Steve Misseldine/Richard Russell
Men’s Triples Richard Russell/Roger Piosek/Jef Cawdell Terry Pomroy/Colin Bishopp/Len Ward
Nominated Pairs Norman Line/Cliff Geary Sheila Cadge/John  Gilbey
Offa Trophy - Mixed Triples Richard Russell/Randell Moll/John Thorogood Joan Poole/Ken Poole/Roger Shelton
2 Wood Competition John Gilbey Roger Piosek
Novice Singles Steve Misseldine Roger Piosek
Men’s Singles John Gilbey John Gomersall
Men’s Pairs Norman Line/Jef Cawdell John Thorogood/John Gomersall
Open Singles Jef Cawdell John Gilbey
Open Pairs Steve Misseldine/Jef Cawdell Rosie Griffiths/Randell Moll
Ladies Singles Dorothy Parrott Sarah Cawdell
Ladies Pairs Kay Kingston/Rosie Griffiths Dorothy Parrott/Jenny Dean
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Fiona Reese/Lucy Comerford Rosie Griffiths/Sarah Cawdell
Competition Results 2021
Competition Winner(s) Runners Up
Mixed Triples Sarah Cawdell/Robin Galvin/Cliff Geary Joan Poole/Roger Shelton/John Gilbey
Men’s Triples Richard Russell/ Robin Galvin/Colin Bishopp Cliff Geary/Les Truett/Victor Griffiths
Nominated Pairs Valerie Gomersall/John Gomersall John Hancock/Norman Line
Offa Trophy -Mixed Triples Joan Poole/Ken Poole/Roger Shelton Kay Kingston/Stan Hubert/Colin Bishopp
2 Wood Competition Cliff Geary Sarah Cawdell
Novice Singles Jef Cawdell Richard Russell 
Men’s Singles John Gomersall Cliff Geary
Men’s Pairs Norman Line/John Gilbey David Nash/Randell Moll
Mixed Singles John Gilbey John Gomersall 
Mixed Pairs Valerie and John Gomersall Rosie and Victor Griffiths
Ladies Singles Rosie Griffiths Dorothy Parrott
Ladies Pairs Rosie Griffiths/Jenny Dean Dorothy Parrott/Fiona Reese
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Sheila Cadge/Rosie Griffiths Jane Stainforth/Kay Kingston
Competition Results 2020
2020 No competitions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic
Competition Results 2019
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Margaret Atkins/Randell Moll/Cliff Geary Sam Stewart/Ken Poole/Patrick Corcoran
Men’s Triples John Turner/Richard Russell/Colin Bishopp   Ben Atkins/Randell Moll/Cliff Geary
Nominated Pairs Sheila Ward/Len Ward John Gomersall/Randell Moll
Offa Trophy -Mixed Triples Fiona Reese/Les Truett/John Thorogood Kay Kingston/Philip Price/John Gomersall
2 Wood Competition Damian Small Cliff Geary
Novice Singles Joan Poole Ben Atkins
Men’s Singles Victor Griffiths John Gilbey
Men’s Pairs Victor Griffiths/Cliff Geary Damian Small/John Gomersall
Mixed Singles John Gomersall John Gilbey
Mixed Pairs Victor Griffiths/Cliff Geary Ken Poole/Jean Corcoran
Ladies Singles Rosie Griffiths Joan Poole
Ladies Pairs Rosie Griffiths/Brenda Goss Joan Poole/Fiona Reese
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Kay Kingston/Dorothy Parrott Rosie Griffiths/Joan Poole
Competition Results 2018
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Sid Peach/Ben Atkins/Richard Russell John Turner/Sheila Ward/Randell Moll
Mens Triples John Hancock/John Turner/John Gomersall Cliff Geary/David Midwinter/Gary Grant
Nominated Pairs John Turner/Richard Russell John Hancock/Cliff Geary
Offa Trophy - Mixed Triples Richard Russell/David Wells/David Midwinter Rosie Griffiths/Victor Griffiths/John Gomersall
2 Wood Competition Victor Griffiths John Gomersall
Novice Singles Victor Griffiths Richard Russell
Mens Singles John Gilbey Cliff Geary
Mens Pairs Sid Peach/Len Ward Randell Moll/Norman Line
Mixed Singles Len Ward John Gomersall
Mixed pairs Dorothy Parrott/John Gilbey Rosie Griffiths/Cliff Geary
Ladies Singles Rosie Griffiths Dorothy Parrott
Ladies Pairs Fiona Reese/Joan Poole Samantha Stewart/Karen Taylor
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Rosie Griffiths/Jenny Dean Brenda Goss/Pam Allen
Competition Results 2017
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Rosie Griffiths/David Wells/John Gilbey Elizabeth Moll/Patrick Corcoran/John Gomersall
Mens Triples Norman Line/Wally Harwood/Sid Peach David Wells/David Midwinter/Dennis Dean
Nominated Pairs Norman Line/John Gomersall John Gilbey/Sid Peach
Offa Trophy - Mixed Triples Joan Poole/Fiona Reese/Norman Line Rosie Griffiths/Victor Griffiths/John Gilbey
2 Wood Competition John Gomersall Cliff Geary
Novice Singles Fiona Reese Richard Russell 
Mens Singles Len Ward Sid Peach
Mens Pairs Cliff Geary/John Gomersall David Midwinter/Robin Galvin
Mixed Singles John Gomersall Sid Peach
Mixed pairs Elizabeth Moll/John Gilbey Dorothy Parrott/Randell Moll
Ladies Singles Rosie Griffiths Fiona Reese
Ladies Pairs Rosie Griffiths/Jenny Dean Fiona Reese/Dorothy Parrott
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Dorothy Parrott/Jenny Dean Daphne Birch/Pam Allen
Competition Results 2016
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples JohnTurner/Norman Line/Dorothy Parrott Randell Moll/Jenny Peach/Robin Galvin
Mens Triples Patrick Corcoran/Ken Poole/John Hancock John Turner/Randell Moll/John Gilbey
Nominated Pairs John Gilbey/Sid Peach Brenda Goss/Dorothy Parrott
Offa Trophy - Mixed Triples Norman Line/Victor Griffiths/Patrick Corocran Wally Harwood/Richard Russell/Randell Moll
2 Wood Competition  John Gilbey Victor Griffiths
Novice Singles  John Gomersall Victor Griffiths
Mens Singles  Sid Peach John Gilbey
Mens Pairs  Robin Galvin/Cliff Geary Randell Moll/John Gomersall
Mixed Singles  Len Ward John Gomersall
Mixed pairs  Rosie Griffiths/John Gomersall David Wells/Cliff Geary
Ladies Singles  Rosie Griffiths Jean Corcoran
Ladies Pairs  Trish Thomas/Brenda Goss Rosie Griffiths/Joan Poole
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Jean Corcoran/Dorothy Parrott Joan Poole/Jenny Dean
Competition Results 2015
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples  John Hancock/Jenny Dean/Jean Corcoran  Sid Peach/Jenny Peach/Joan Poole
Mens Triples  John Hancock/Cliff Geary/Jim Melrose  Victor Griffiths/David Wells/Sid Peach
Nominated Pairs  Sid Peach/John Gilbey  Rosie Griffiths/John Gomersall
Offa Trophy - Mixed Triples  Dennis Dean/Brenda Goss/Dorothy Parrot  Jean Corcoran/Wally Harwood/John Gilbey
2 Wood Competition  Randell Moll  Dorothy Parrott
Novice Singles  Wally Harwood  Richard Russell
Mens Singles  Cliff Geary  
Mens Pairs  Patrick Cororan/Sid Peach  Ken Poole/John Jeacock
Mixed Singles  Sid Peach  John Gilbey
Mixed pairs  Brenda Goss/Sid Peach  Trish Thomas/John Gilbey
Ladies Singles  Dorothy Parrott  Joan Harris
Ladies Pairs  Pam Allen/Brenda Goss  Jenny Dean/Dorothy Parrott
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Jenny Dean/Trish Thomas Joan Harris/Pam Allen
Competition Results 2014
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Tricia Thomas/Robert Yalden/Jim Melrose Joan Poole/Robin Galvin/Patrick Corcoran
Men’s Triples Ken Poole/Robin Galvin/Brian Tofield Damian Small/John Hancock/Cliff Geary
Nominated Pairs John Gilbey/Sid Peach Pam Allen/Joan Harris
Offa Trophy – Mixed Triples  Sheila Ward/Damian Small/Len Ward Jenny Peach/Sid Peach/Robin Galvin
2 Wood Competition  Damian Small John Gilbey
Novice Singles  Damian Small Norman Line
Mens Singles  Robert Yalden Ken Poole
Mens Pairs  Sid Peach/Len Ward Patrick Corcoran/Wally Harwood
Mixed Singles  Brian Tofield  
Mixed Pairs  Jean Corcoran/Len Ward Pam Allen/Wally Harwood
Ladies Singles  Joan Harris Daphne Birch
Ladies Pairs  Tricia Thomas/Jean Corcoran Joan Poole/Brenda Goss
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Joan Harris/Jennifer Mills Jean Corcoran/Pam Allen
Competition Results 2013
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Brenda Goss/Ken Poole/Jim Lander Dennis Dean/John Turner/Daphne Birch
Men’s Triples Robin Galvin/Dennis Dean/Douglas Collins John Jeacock/Robert Yalden/Sid Horwood
Nominated Pairs John Gilbey/Sid Peach Damian Small/Len Ward
Offa Trophy – Mixed Triples  Freda Graham/Jim Melrose/Norman Line Jenny Peach/Sid Peach/Robin Galvin 
2 Wood Competition  Robin Galvin  Patrick Corcoran
Novice Singles  Patrick Corcoran  Cliff Geary
Mens Singles  John Gilbey  Len Ward
Mens Pairs  Robin Galvin/Cliff Geary  David Barry/Sid Horwood
Mixed Singles  Patrick Corcoran  Daphne Birch
Mixed Pairs  Patrick Corcoran/Sid Peach  Wally Harwood/John Gilbey
Ladies Singles  Daphne Birch  Freda Graham 
Ladies Pairs  Jenny Peach/Brenda Goss  Joan Poole/Daphne Birch
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods  Jenny Dean/Pam Allen  Joan Harris/Sheila Ward
Competition Results 2012
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Sid Horwood/Robin Galvin/Daphne Birch Joan Poole/Robert Yalden/John Jeacock
Men’s Triples Jim Melrose/Ron Hallsworth/Sid Horwood  Brian Tofield/Frank Godfrey/Dennis Dean
Nominated Pairs  Len and Sheila Ward  Jim Lander and John Hancock
Offa Trophy – Mixed Triples  Sheila Ward/Len Ward/Jim Lander  Jean Corcoran/Jean Collins/Brian Tofield
2 Wood Competition  Dorothy Parrott  Len Ward
Novice Singles  David Barry  John Turner
Mens Singles  Sid Peach  Robert Yalden
Mens Pairs  John Jeacock/Sid Horwood  Sid Peach/John Turner
Mixed Singles  John Gilbey  John Jeacock
Mixed Pairs  Jean Corcoran/Sid Peach  Brenda Goss/Wally Harwood
Ladies Singles  Dorothy Parrott  Joan Harris
Ladies Pairs  Jill Dean/Brenda Goss  Pam Allen/Daphne Birch
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods  Sandy Galvin/Dorothy Parrott  Joan Poole/Jean Corcoran
Competition Results 2011
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Sid Peach/Patrick Corcoran/Joan Poole     Daphne Birch/ Sid Horwood/David Barry
Men’s Triples Sid Peach/Sid Horwood/Frank Godfrey John Hancock/Ken Poole/David Barry
Nominated Pairs John Hancock/Bill Gibson Robert Yalden/Cliff Geary
Offa Trophy – Mixed Triples Brian Tofield/Jean Collins/Doug Collins Joan Harris/Bill Gibson/Derek Tufano
2 Wood Competition Brian Tofield Cliff Geary
Novice Singles Sid Peach John Wass
Mens Singles Les Newcombe Patrick Corcoran
Mens Pairs John Jeacock/John Gilbey Brian Tofield/Wally Harwood
Mixed Singles John Gilbey Dorothy Parrott
Mixed Pairs Sheila Ward/John Jeacock Daphne Birch/Patrick Corcoran
Ladies Singles Pam Allen Dorothy Parrott 
Ladies Pairs Dorothy Parrott/Pam Allen Joan Harris/Jean Corcoran
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Joan Poole/Brenda Goss Jean Collins/Joan Harris