The Buckinghamshire Bowls Association (BBA) league was founded by Steve Moore in the early 2000s, initially with about 20 teams taking part, with the aim to give more people the opportunity to play competitive bowls.

 A few seasons into the competition Ray Keen took over as the League Manager and the league grew into the tremendous competition it is now. There are 5 regional leagues with 20 divisions and a total of 105 teams. In memory of Ray, Buckinghamshire Bowls Association decided to rename the league "The Ray Keen Association League".

Winslow Bowls Club currently has 3 teams in the Ray Keen league.

  • Winslow Warriors and Winslow Wasps play in the Northern Red league.
  • Winslow Wildcats play in the Northern Blue league.
WBC Contacts for these teams are 
  • Winslow Warriors: Len Ward on 01296 712527
  • Winslow Wasps: Dorothy Parrott on 01296 670687
  • Winslow Wildcats: John Thorogood on 01296 670596
Ray Keen fixtures for the current season can be found in the Winslow Bowls Club Fixtures List.

Last year the Wildcats secured 4th place in Division 4 of the Northern Blue league. 

Current team members are as follows
Winslow Warriors Winslow Wildcats Winslow Wasps
Len Ward John Thorogood Dorothy Parrott
John Gilbey Richard Russell Valerie Gomersall
Roger Shelton Randell Moll John Gomersall
Cliff Geary Stan Hubert Norman Line
Sheila Cadge Victor Griffiths Colin Bishopp
Roger Hayman Les Truett  
 Mick Bigby Lucy Comerford