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Let's talk about Bowls and Bowling.

Playing the game - What are the basics?

  •  The jack is a small ball - usually white, but sometimes yellow, used as the target in the game. One is required for a game of bowls.
  • Two mats are required, one at either end of the green.
  • A coin is tossed to decide which team bowl first.
  • The first bowler places the mat centrally and squarely in line with the rink markers, with the front edge of the mat being at least 2 metres (6ft 6in) away from the ditch. A 2 metre white stick is available to ensure compliance.
  • The first bowler rolls the jack to whatever distance they like. However It must be in the centre of the rink, at least 23 metres from the mat, and a minimum of 2 metres from the ditch, again the white stick can be used to ensure this placement.  The jack now becomes the target.
  • Teams alternate taking shots. Each member of the team will take all of their shots before the next team member takes over.  When playing any shot the player bowling must always have one foot on or over the mat.
  • Any bowls that are in play can be moved by another shot, and they stay active where they finish.  This includes the jack.  Any bowl that finishes in the ditch, except a bowl which touched the jack when it is first played, is considered out of play. 
  • Once all players have played all their shots the game is scored. The winning side gets one shot for each bowl that is closer to the jack than the opposing team's nearest bowl. 
  • The winning team starts first on the next “end”, places the mat and rolls the jack.
  • WBC has identified a series of helpful articles at See link  provided.

Do you want to learn how to play bowls or how to improve your game?

  • WBC has 2 qualified coaches who are ready give help and advice. WBC intends to train and appoint an additional 2 or 3 club members.
  • Buckingham Bowls Association promotes training videos from Bowls New Zealand where Lawn Bowls and indoor bowls are very popular.

 Are you interested to know how bowls are made?

  •  There are a number of well known manufacturers of bowls. Popular brands are Drakes Pride, Thomas Taylor, Henselite, and Aero.
  • See our links to Taylor Bowls and Aero Bowls videos.

Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark Fourth Edition, Version 3.2

Bowls England revisions to Edition 4