Home v Aston Clinton Sunday 2nd July 2023

Aston Clinton captain for the day was Sheila and Winslow Club Vice Captain John Gilbey captained for us.

We played 4 triples in rather cooler weather than recent games and took a tea break after 9 ends.

At half time Winslow were down by 28 shots to 34 but a good second half saw us claw this back with an incredible win on rink 5 by 34 shots to 7 for John Jenkins, Rosie Griffiths and John Jeacock.

Although we lost on 2 rinks the triple on rink 2 consisting of Sheila/Len Ward, Robin Galvin and Colin Bishopp made sure of an overall victory for Winslow by winning the last 3 ends to ensure a 7 shot victory on their rink. 

So the overall result was Winslow 71 Aston Clinton 62

It was first time as skips for Colin Bishopp and Mike Jones so well done to them. Thank you to Tony and Diana for preparing the refreshments.