Presidents day 2023

Sincere thanks to our President, Gliff Geary, for hosting the spoon drive. We were fortunate to have wonderful weather. The final club activity for 2023 was keenly played with spectators also enjoying the match.

A spoon drive is an internal club competition where randomly selected teams of three play four 5-end games against other teams. Competitors play in a different position for each game against a different opposing team. Each competitor records his or her game score, resulting in a total number of shots won at the end of the competition. The competitor with the highest score after the four games wins the prize. It sounds rather complicated, but when organised so well by John Jeacock, thank you John, everything ran smoothly and the afternoon was enjoyed by all 30 players.

We took a tea break between games and at the end of play we enjoyed a substantial meal. We thank Cliff’s family of helpers who organised the meal and looked after us for the evening.

And the winner, actually two players achieving the same number of shots won, were Sheila Ward and Colin Bishopp.

President Cliff presents the winners prize
2023 Presidents day Spoon drive matches 1
2023 Presidents day Spoon drive matches 3