WBC Competitions in previous years 

Competition Results 2022
Competition  Winner(s) Runners Up
Open Triples Kay Kingston/Roger Piosek/Cliff Geary David Nash/Steve Misseldine/Richard Russell
Men’s Triples Richard Russell/Roger Piosek/Jef Cawdell Terry Pomroy/Colin Bishopp/Len Ward
Nominated Pairs Norman Line/Cliff Geary Sheila Cadge/John  Gilbey
Offa Trophy - Mixed Triples Richard Russell/Randell Moll/John Thorogood Joan Poole/Ken Poole/Roger Shelton
2 Wood Competition John Gilbey Roger Piosek
Novice Singles Steve Misseldine Roger Piosek
Men’s Singles John Gilbey John Gomersall
Men’s Pairs Norman Line/Jef Cawdell John Thorogood/John Gomersall
Open Singles Jef Cawdell John Gilbey
Open Pairs Steve Misseldine/Jef Cawdell Rosie Griffiths/Randell Moll
Ladies Singles Dorothy Parrott Sarah Cawdell
Ladies Pairs Kay Kingston/Rosie Griffiths Dorothy Parrott/Jenny Dean
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Fiona Reese/Lucy Comerford Rosie Griffiths/Sarah Cawdell
Competition Results 2021
Competition Winner(s) Runners Up
Mixed Triples Sarah Cawdell/Robin Galvin/Cliff Geary Joan Poole/Roger Shelton/John Gilbey
Men’s Triples Richard Russell/ Robin Galvin/Colin Bishopp Cliff Geary/Les Truett/Victor Griffiths
Nominated Pairs Valerie Gomersall/John Gomersall John Hancock/Norman Line
Offa Trophy -Mixed Triples Joan Poole/Ken Poole/Roger Shelton Kay Kingston/Stan Hubert/Colin Bishopp
2 Wood Competition Cliff Geary Sarah Cawdell
Novice Singles Jef Cawdell Richard Russell 
Men’s Singles John Gomersall Cliff Geary
Men’s Pairs Norman Line/John Gilbey David Nash/Randell Moll
Mixed Singles John Gilbey John Gomersall 
Mixed Pairs Valerie and John Gomersall Rosie and Victor Griffiths
Ladies Singles Rosie Griffiths Dorothy Parrott
Ladies Pairs Rosie Griffiths/Jenny Dean Dorothy Parrott/Fiona Reese
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Sheila Cadge/Rosie Griffiths Jane Stainforth/Kay Kingston
Competition Results 2020
2020 No competitions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic
Competition Results 2019
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Margaret Atkins/Randell Moll/Cliff Geary Sam Stewart/Ken Poole/Patrick Corcoran
Men’s Triples John Turner/Richard Russell/Colin Bishopp   Ben Atkins/Randell Moll/Cliff Geary
Nominated Pairs Sheila Ward/Len Ward John Gomersall/Randell Moll
Offa Trophy -Mixed Triples Fiona Reese/Les Truett/John Thorogood Kay Kingston/Philip Price/John Gomersall
2 Wood Competition Damian Small Cliff Geary
Novice Singles Joan Poole Ben Atkins
Men’s Singles Victor Griffiths John Gilbey
Men’s Pairs Victor Griffiths/Cliff Geary Damian Small/John Gomersall
Mixed Singles John Gomersall John Gilbey
Mixed Pairs Victor Griffiths/Cliff Geary Ken Poole/Jean Corcoran
Ladies Singles Rosie Griffiths Joan Poole
Ladies Pairs Rosie Griffiths/Brenda Goss Joan Poole/Fiona Reese
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Kay Kingston/Dorothy Parrott Rosie Griffiths/Joan Poole
Competition Results 2018
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Sid Peach/Ben Atkins/Richard Russell John Turner/Sheila Ward/Randell Moll
Mens Triples John Hancock/John Turner/John Gomersall Cliff Geary/David Midwinter/Gary Grant
Nominated Pairs John Turner/Richard Russell John Hancock/Cliff Geary
Offa Trophy - Mixed Triples Richard Russell/David Wells/David Midwinter Rosie Griffiths/Victor Griffiths/John Gomersall
2 Wood Competition Victor Griffiths John Gomersall
Novice Singles Victor Griffiths Richard Russell
Mens Singles John Gilbey Cliff Geary
Mens Pairs Sid Peach/Len Ward Randell Moll/Norman Line
Mixed Singles Len Ward John Gomersall
Mixed pairs Dorothy Parrott/John Gilbey Rosie Griffiths/Cliff Geary
Ladies Singles Rosie Griffiths Dorothy Parrott
Ladies Pairs Fiona Reese/Joan Poole Samantha Stewart/Karen Taylor
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Rosie Griffiths/Jenny Dean Brenda Goss/Pam Allen
Competition Results 2017
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Rosie Griffiths/David Wells/John Gilbey Elizabeth Moll/Patrick Corcoran/John Gomersall
Mens Triples Norman Line/Wally Harwood/Sid Peach David Wells/David Midwinter/Dennis Dean
Nominated Pairs Norman Line/John Gomersall John Gilbey/Sid Peach
Offa Trophy - Mixed Triples Joan Poole/Fiona Reese/Norman Line Rosie Griffiths/Victor Griffiths/John Gilbey
2 Wood Competition John Gomersall Cliff Geary
Novice Singles Fiona Reese Richard Russell 
Mens Singles Len Ward Sid Peach
Mens Pairs Cliff Geary/John Gomersall David Midwinter/Robin Galvin
Mixed Singles John Gomersall Sid Peach
Mixed pairs Elizabeth Moll/John Gilbey Dorothy Parrott/Randell Moll
Ladies Singles Rosie Griffiths Fiona Reese
Ladies Pairs Rosie Griffiths/Jenny Dean Fiona Reese/Dorothy Parrott
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Dorothy Parrott/Jenny Dean Daphne Birch/Pam Allen
Competition Results 2016
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples JohnTurner/Norman Line/Dorothy Parrott Randell Moll/Jenny Peach/Robin Galvin
Mens Triples Patrick Corcoran/Ken Poole/John Hancock John Turner/Randell Moll/John Gilbey
Nominated Pairs John Gilbey/Sid Peach Brenda Goss/Dorothy Parrott
Offa Trophy - Mixed Triples Norman Line/Victor Griffiths/Patrick Corocran Wally Harwood/Richard Russell/Randell Moll
2 Wood Competition  John Gilbey Victor Griffiths
Novice Singles  John Gomersall Victor Griffiths
Mens Singles  Sid Peach John Gilbey
Mens Pairs  Robin Galvin/Cliff Geary Randell Moll/John Gomersall
Mixed Singles  Len Ward John Gomersall
Mixed pairs  Rosie Griffiths/John Gomersall David Wells/Cliff Geary
Ladies Singles  Rosie Griffiths Jean Corcoran
Ladies Pairs  Trish Thomas/Brenda Goss Rosie Griffiths/Joan Poole
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Jean Corcoran/Dorothy Parrott Joan Poole/Jenny Dean
Competition Results 2015
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples  John Hancock/Jenny Dean/Jean Corcoran  Sid Peach/Jenny Peach/Joan Poole
Mens Triples  John Hancock/Cliff Geary/Jim Melrose  Victor Griffiths/David Wells/Sid Peach
Nominated Pairs  Sid Peach/John Gilbey  Rosie Griffiths/John Gomersall
Offa Trophy - Mixed Triples  Dennis Dean/Brenda Goss/Dorothy Parrot  Jean Corcoran/Wally Harwood/John Gilbey
2 Wood Competition  Randell Moll  Dorothy Parrott
Novice Singles  Wally Harwood  Richard Russell
Mens Singles  Cliff Geary  
Mens Pairs  Patrick Cororan/Sid Peach  Ken Poole/John Jeacock
Mixed Singles  Sid Peach  John Gilbey
Mixed pairs  Brenda Goss/Sid Peach  Trish Thomas/John Gilbey
Ladies Singles  Dorothy Parrott  Joan Harris
Ladies Pairs  Pam Allen/Brenda Goss  Jenny Dean/Dorothy Parrott
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Jenny Dean/Trish Thomas Joan Harris/Pam Allen
Competition Results 2014
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Tricia Thomas/Robert Yalden/Jim Melrose Joan Poole/Robin Galvin/Patrick Corcoran
Men’s Triples Ken Poole/Robin Galvin/Brian Tofield Damian Small/John Hancock/Cliff Geary
Nominated Pairs John Gilbey/Sid Peach Pam Allen/Joan Harris
Offa Trophy – Mixed Triples  Sheila Ward/Damian Small/Len Ward Jenny Peach/Sid Peach/Robin Galvin
2 Wood Competition  Damian Small John Gilbey
Novice Singles  Damian Small Norman Line
Mens Singles  Robert Yalden Ken Poole
Mens Pairs  Sid Peach/Len Ward Patrick Corcoran/Wally Harwood
Mixed Singles  Brian Tofield  
Mixed Pairs  Jean Corcoran/Len Ward Pam Allen/Wally Harwood
Ladies Singles  Joan Harris Daphne Birch
Ladies Pairs  Tricia Thomas/Jean Corcoran Joan Poole/Brenda Goss
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Joan Harris/Jennifer Mills Jean Corcoran/Pam Allen
Competition Results 2013
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Brenda Goss/Ken Poole/Jim Lander Dennis Dean/John Turner/Daphne Birch
Men’s Triples Robin Galvin/Dennis Dean/Douglas Collins John Jeacock/Robert Yalden/Sid Horwood
Nominated Pairs John Gilbey/Sid Peach Damian Small/Len Ward
Offa Trophy – Mixed Triples  Freda Graham/Jim Melrose/Norman Line Jenny Peach/Sid Peach/Robin Galvin 
2 Wood Competition  Robin Galvin  Patrick Corcoran
Novice Singles  Patrick Corcoran  Cliff Geary
Mens Singles  John Gilbey  Len Ward
Mens Pairs  Robin Galvin/Cliff Geary  David Barry/Sid Horwood
Mixed Singles  Patrick Corcoran  Daphne Birch
Mixed Pairs  Patrick Corcoran/Sid Peach  Wally Harwood/John Gilbey
Ladies Singles  Daphne Birch  Freda Graham 
Ladies Pairs  Jenny Peach/Brenda Goss  Joan Poole/Daphne Birch
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods  Jenny Dean/Pam Allen  Joan Harris/Sheila Ward
Competition Results 2012
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Sid Horwood/Robin Galvin/Daphne Birch Joan Poole/Robert Yalden/John Jeacock
Men’s Triples Jim Melrose/Ron Hallsworth/Sid Horwood  Brian Tofield/Frank Godfrey/Dennis Dean
Nominated Pairs  Len and Sheila Ward  Jim Lander and John Hancock
Offa Trophy – Mixed Triples  Sheila Ward/Len Ward/Jim Lander  Jean Corcoran/Jean Collins/Brian Tofield
2 Wood Competition  Dorothy Parrott  Len Ward
Novice Singles  David Barry  John Turner
Mens Singles  Sid Peach  Robert Yalden
Mens Pairs  John Jeacock/Sid Horwood  Sid Peach/John Turner
Mixed Singles  John Gilbey  John Jeacock
Mixed Pairs  Jean Corcoran/Sid Peach  Brenda Goss/Wally Harwood
Ladies Singles  Dorothy Parrott  Joan Harris
Ladies Pairs  Jill Dean/Brenda Goss  Pam Allen/Daphne Birch
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods  Sandy Galvin/Dorothy Parrott  Joan Poole/Jean Corcoran
Competition Results 2011
Competition Winners Runners Up
Mixed Triples Sid Peach/Patrick Corcoran/Joan Poole     Daphne Birch/ Sid Horwood/David Barry
Men’s Triples Sid Peach/Sid Horwood/Frank Godfrey John Hancock/Ken Poole/David Barry
Nominated Pairs John Hancock/Bill Gibson Robert Yalden/Cliff Geary
Offa Trophy – Mixed Triples Brian Tofield/Jean Collins/Doug Collins Joan Harris/Bill Gibson/Derek Tufano
2 Wood Competition Brian Tofield Cliff Geary
Novice Singles Sid Peach John Wass
Mens Singles Les Newcombe Patrick Corcoran
Mens Pairs John Jeacock/John Gilbey Brian Tofield/Wally Harwood
Mixed Singles John Gilbey Dorothy Parrott
Mixed Pairs Sheila Ward/John Jeacock Daphne Birch/Patrick Corcoran
Ladies Singles Pam Allen Dorothy Parrott 
Ladies Pairs Dorothy Parrott/Pam Allen Joan Harris/Jean Corcoran
Ladies Pairs - 2 woods Joan Poole/Brenda Goss Jean Collins/Joan Harris