12 WBC members were welcomed by Slade captain Andy Hunt for our 4 x Triples match.

Our team contained some regular indoor bowlers but also included a number of players with limited indoor experience.

I'm afraid to say that we were never really in the match with only one of our triples threatening to win.

Ultimately we lost 44:82.

 Our best performing triple was that of John Gilbey, Norman and Diana who were in the lead for a good proportion of their match (thanks to a 6 scored on the 4th end) but eventually their opponents overtook them in the last few ends.

 This week my thanks go to

  • Mike for running the bar and Carolyn for the refreshments

  • Jim Melrose for filling in when John Jeacock had to drop out with a bad back

  • Chris Reeves for coming along to watch 

 Thanks and well done to everyone involved in another enjoyable afternoon of bowls

Jef Cawdell