On a beautiful sunny afternoon we welcomed Captain Elaine and members of Brackley to Winslow for our game consisting of 4 triples.

Although not playing in the game Victor cut the green on Saturday morning and Rosie ensured that the clubhouse was fresh and clean – thank you to you both.

The game itself was a rather one sided affair from the beginning. Although in the early stages Winslow were winning on 2 rinks and losing on the other 2 the scores were very different and Brackley soon built a lead that would never be threatened. The final score was 53:97, a well deserved win for Brackley.

Establishing which was our highest winning rink was a simple process as we only had one rink that won. Congratulations to Tony, John Jeacock and Diana in achieving what none of the rest of us could do. Having said that our rink of Cliff, Colin and Fiona came close to winning and were just overtaken at the end of the match.

This week my thanks go to

  • The green-keeping team headed by our greenkeeper Roger P. The green is running much faster this year than last. I am sure that Roger would be the first to say that this is in no small part down to the clubs investment in a new lawnmower this year.

  • Sarah and John for running the bar

  • Len for organising the refreshments and Jane & Kay for serving them.

  • John Jeacock for standing in for one of our players that had to drop out for personal reasons.

  • John Jenkins and Sarah for being our unused reserves

  • All members of the club that clean and generally maintain the clubhouse

Thanks and well done to everyone involved in another enjoyable afternoon of bowls

Jef Cawdell, Captain