The present Bowls Club, situated adjacent to the Winslow Public Hall, is in fact the third Club to be established in Winslow.

The first was located in the churchyard of the Parish Church of St. Laurence, in Vicarage Road, where the modern cemetery now is. Records go back to 1914.

This was a private Club which was reputed to have been in existence before 1861, having a flourishing membership for many years. The Club was eventually wound up in 1935 due to falling membership. During its existence the Buckinghamshire County Bowls Association records show that the Winslow Bowls Club won the Bucks Cup in 1920.

A second green was constructed in 1922, as part of a sports complex named The Winslow Sports Club and these facilities were situated at the top of Park Road, where the Library now stands. That Club unfortunately did not survive for many years and was wound up at the commencement of the Second World War.

The present Club was formed as a result of a meeting called on 13th July 1981, by a number of Winslow residents. The Founder Members of the existing Club were:- Harry Phillips, Bert Lambourne, Jean Midgley, Margaret Langley, Reg Langley, Peggy Noy, Audrey Clancy and Dot Briars. Having formed the Club, a site for the new green had to be sought and acquired.

The owner of Winslow Hall, Sir Edward Tomkins, generously offered to allow the new green to be constructed within the grounds of Winslow Hall and with monies raised by the members together with grants from the Local Authority, work commenced on the construction.

The principlal contractor in the construction of the green was another well-known Winslow resident - Ray Spooner.

On May 17th 1984, the green was completed and officially opened by Sir Edward Tompkins and Lady Mary Tomkins. That event was recorded in the pages of The Advertiser, dated Friday 25th May 1984. Sir Edward held the position of Vice President until his demise.

The Club not having a Clubhouse or any facilities, the Sports Club Pavilion was used in the beginning, and later, the British Royal Legion kindly made their premises available for the Club's use. A small changing room was constructed, which over time has been extended and still exists.

The Club needed a  purpose built Clubhouse. Sufficient funds were raised with financial support from Members and grant aid, planning applications were made, and the present Clubhouse was completed and opened on 19th May 1996, by Tony Allcock MBE, a World Singles Champion and later the Chief Executive of Bowls England.