We have made it through to the quarter final of the Bucks Plate and will play at Wycombe on Sunday 14th July at 10.00am. Congratulations to all those who have played in this competition.

Here's some detail about the BBA Bucks Plate competition:  

In the first stage of the competition each team will play all other teams in that division. The format for these games is 4 triples, two triples to be played at each club location. Points are awarded for each game.

  • Six points shall be awarded to the team with the highest number of shots or three points to each team if each team has the same number of shots.
  • Two additional points shall be awarded to each team for each winning triple or one point to each team for a tied triple.

The winner and runner-up in each division will qualify for the quarter finals along with 2 of the clubs finishing 3rd.  This will be determined by the club with the best points average from the number of games played.

The winner of each division will be at home in the quarter final along with  the club finishing runner up, which has the best record as determined by the criteria mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Buckingshire Bowls Association: Bucks Plate

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3 & 4




Buckingham West End

Aston Clinton

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Bletchley St Martins


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