On a pleasant afternoon we started our home match against Bucks Masonic with all weather forecasts indicating a strong chance of rain in the middle of the afternoon. With this in mind we scheduled a brief break at the side of the green for a revitalising cup of tea after 9 ends.

After our traditional “spider” competition was won by Robin, who was making a guest appearance for our opponents, the game got underway.

Winslow made a strong start and at the break we were winning on all four rinks. The tea break came at a good time as it started raining as the tea was being poured so it gave the players an opportunity to shelter from the rain for 10 minutes. Once the rain eased we made our way back onto the green and I'm delighted to say that the rain then stopped and did not reappear to we were very fortunate to be able to play 18 ends and we hardly got wet at all.

Bucks Masonic faired better in the second half of the game but the lead that Winslow established early on proved to much and in the end we prevailed by 88 shots to 42 with all four of our triples winning.

Tony, Rosie (Victor) & David were our highest winning rink (16 shots) but the Triples of John Gilbey, Norman & Colin and Jef, Roger P and Sarah both had double digit wins.

On this occasion we had 2 reserves for this match which was just a well as the day before we were due to play both sides had a player drop out so thanks go to Colin and Sarah who filled in and as I have already mentioned above special thanks to Robin for playing for our visitors.

Bucks Masonic have a tradition of running a sweepstake during the mid game break to predict the final points difference between the teams and which side would prevail. With a final difference of +46 for Winslow I asked what happens when no one get the result right. I was somewhat taken aback when I was told that there was a winner with the correct answer. I can only admire David's confidence in his teammates when he predicted such a big win for Winslow!

Huge thanks to Len and John J for providing the half time cup of tea and the hot meal after the game. This clearly took a lot of effort and I for one appreciated their efforts. Thanks also to John J for running the bar and the raffle.

Thanks and well done to everyone involved in another enjoyable afternoon of bowls.