The match was played at Slade Indoor Bowls CLub in Buckingham

Congratulations to all members (Norman, Dorothy, John J, Roger S, Cliff, John G, Sheila W, Roger P, Steve, John T, Len and Jef) that played in this fixture as everyone played their part in an excellent victory with Winslow winning on all 4 rinks!

 At the tea break after 9 ends Winslow were 7 or 8 shots up on all the rinks. All regular players will know that the break often brings with it a change in momentum of a match and this proved to be the case as Bucks West End started to have an impact on the scoreboard after they were “refreshed”.

Bucks fought back particularly well on 2 rinks with scores tied after end 17 but in both cases Winslow showed great character to hold on and win the last end.

The other 2 rinks were a little more one sided with the rink of Steve, Roger P and Sheila W being awarded the pens for being the highest winning rink (+10 shots).

I would like to thank John Thorogood for filling in at very late notice when we had a player unavoidably delayed. With just 75 minutes before play was due to start John agreed to play and you could have knocked me down with a feather when I arrived at Slade to find he was our first player to have arrived – thanks very much John.

 Most of our team are regular indoor bowlers but special mentions need to go to Roger Shelton and Len & Sheila Ward who volunteered to turn out for us despite having limited indoor experience. The indoor game is very different to outdoors (and short mat) with the woods swinging considerably further and running much faster so it takes some adjusting to get both the line and length right. All 3 players got to grips with this after a few ends and delivered important bowls during the match. I hope that you enjoyed this experience.

For anyone interested the final score was Winslow 79:56 Bucks West End

Thanks and well done to everyone involved!

Jef Cawdell